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True cracks, the way nature does it

Trueflaw offers cracks and related services for non-destructive testing. Cracks are used for training, method development and performance demonstration. Today cracks are increasingly used to train machine learning systems for automated flaw detection.

With unique thermal fatigue technology, Trueflaw can grow cracks directly into customer components. These cracks offer the best possible representativeness for any inspection and are used around the world and across many industries, such as nuclear and aerospace industries.

Simplified samples provide a cost effective alternative to cracks in real samples. These can be used, e.g., for performance evaluation of fluorescent penetrant testing, eddy current and various other techniques.

It's not always necessary to invest in your own cracked samples. Trueflaw rents cracked samples for, e.g., probability of detection (POD) purposes. Trueflaw also offers the POD evaluation as a service. It's the easiest and most affordable way to know your POD.

Trueflaw develops and offers automated flaw detection systems based on machine learning. These systems are trained with a combination of client data and Trueflaw's virtual cracks to obtain human level performance. The detection systems are tailored for each customer and validated using POD – the gold standard of NDT reliability.