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Machine Learning

FlawML is a revolutionary automatic NDT data analysis solution based on machine learning. It combines human-level inspection performance with the speed and repeatability of automation. FlawML offers defect recognition, data quality assessment and customized reporting, seamlessly integrated to your workflow.

AI is going to revolutionize the NDE world. Trueflaw's FlawML is an automatic flaw detection system based on AI with human level performance, which will lower the time needed for analysing data to a fraction. In machine learning, data is king. Which is exactly the reason, why Trueflaw has such unique capability in this new field: because we can manufacture thermal fatigue cracks in real samples, we can produce the vital training data for the AI system.

FlawML systems are tailored (and trained) for each application case separately. To take advantage of FlawML, you need to have digital data. This can be, e.g., digital X-ray or data from mechanized ultrasonic or eddy current inspection. Both flawed and unflawed data are required.

Trueflaw's eFlaw technology allows us to train modern, sophisticated networks with a modest amount of flawed data. We can also manufacture physical flaws for generating additional data.

FlawML is deployed using TrueflawBox solution, our Edge AI solution. Edge AI is easy to setup, secure and versatile.

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