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eFlaw virtual flaws

Manufacturing realistic test blocks and flaws is time consuming and costly. With automated inspections, there's now an alternative. In addition to physical flaws, Trueflaw produces virtual eFlaws. With eFlaws, large flawed data sets are created from a small number of physical cracks.

eFlaws bring the opportunity to have statistically significant amounts of cracks in industries and applications, where it has not been possible before. With the use of eFlaws it is for example possible to do Probability of Detection studies for samples that cost tens or hundreds of thousands to manufacture. eFlaws also play a significant role in training Machine Learning solutions.

It's paramount to make sure that the digital flaws faithfully represent the actual cracks. For this reason, Trueflaw eFlaws are true flaw signals from physical cracks, that have just been extracted from inspection data and then re-introduced to the new, flawless data. This way eFlaws have all the natural flaw characteristics which make them just as challenging to detect from the data as physical flaws.

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