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Cracks for Nuclear industry

The need for NDE qualification in nuclear industry is well established. As the NDE methods develop, more and more qualifications are done, the quantification and cost effectiveness become more important. As methods develop, they demand higher requirements for artificial flaws.

Trueflaw cracks are natural thermal fatigue cracks, that have the same characteristics as service induced cracks. We can control the length, depth and location of the cracks. As the crack manufacturing process is separate from the sample manufacturing, we can produce cracks on old qualification samples, vintage materials etc.

The quality of our cracks is confirmed by destructive validation. For all new materials or configurations, a validation crack is produced to simplified sample and destructively examined. Similar cracks are then produced to actual samples. This allows the client to verify, that all the crack characteristics are representative for the task.

For automated inspections, where data acquisition and analysis are separate steps, we now offer a new complementing product: eFlaw. This technology allows a single thermal fatigue crack to be duplicated and superimposed on several sets of real ultrasonic data. This way, it is possible to get statistically representative data sets with only a single actual test block.

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